PHYSICS FOR SOCIETY: GRAND CHALLENGES IN THE HORIZON 2050 October 28 - 29, 2021, Magnus Haus, Berlin

Please note that in person participation is by invitation only.
On-line participation is open to all. To participate in the meeting on-line, please register here

Over the last decades, the EPS community has been promoting the role of physics in addressing some of the biggest problems humankind faces right now.

But, what about the big challenges in physics on a longer term?. At the horizon 2050, what might be on the world’s physics agenda to solve?. Predictions are difficult but we can get clues from how current trends in science and technology may play out, where physics has a key role to play. International collaboration and interdisciplinary science will play a crucial role to address these grand challenges.

This is the target of the PHYSICS FOR SOCIETY: GRAND CHALLENGES IN THE HORIZON 2050 meeting, exploring our ability to imagine and shape the future by making use of the scientific method.



Organized by:

The German Physical Society (DPG)
[on the occasion of the DPG 175 years Anniversary]
and the European Physical Society (EPS)


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